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Homemade foods of higher quality, often require mixing and blending.

An immersion blender can be a cook’s best friend. My salad dressings need thorough mixing, because of the particular ingredients in healthier dressing blends . Mixing dressings by hand requires quite a lot of effort. I would never attempt whipping egg whites, for keto recipes, by hand. Keto bread is  the first recipe using whipped egg whites, that I have tried. I tried the cloud bread and found it to be good. However, the texture was extremely light.  Pureed soups can be enjoyable to make, with an immersion blender, because the process can be done in a single pot. Homemade mayonnaise is a good alternative to conventional ingredients. It’s good to skip the soybean oil and still have mayo!

Really awesome coffee is a benefit of having one of these blenders.food coffee3

I start my coffee preparation with heavy whipping cream. I put the amount of heavy cream desired in my coffee cup. Then, I add one or two packs of stevia sweetener and drop in a few drops of vanilla bean extract. Inserting the whisk attachment, I whip the cream to a heavy stiffness. Swirling the attachment in a clockwise motion, while mixing, speeds the process. I slowly pour in coffee and it turns out delicious!

In conclusion

Immersion blenders are positively convenient. They are more than worth the cost. These handy little blenders are worthwhile in every kitchen, to save time and reduce workload. An immersion blender is a space saving kitchen gadget. Finally, my favorite feature is the easy cleanup!

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