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How To Cook Tender Meat

People enjoy talking about meat. Often, the subject is tenderness of the meat. Many of us build our meal around that, much anticipated, portion of meat. This is our main source of protein and most delicious course of the meal. How to cook tender meat should be common knowledge for every cook.

Seasoning Cuts of Meat

Black pepper is a must for meats. I season meat cuts heavily with black pepper. When cooking for people, who are heat and spice sensitive, using some moderation is good. I like to salt meat with sea salt. Salt amounts are subject to preference, to a large degree. I keep watch on salt intake. Still, it is an undeniable fact that good meat flavor requires salt. Consider how and what with, the meat is being cooked. Be always mindful of flavor interactions. We can be sure that onions and celery will always have an impact on the flavor of meats they are cooked with. Liquid gravy seasoning is a flavor option that can enhance meat and give a delicious aroma. It is a favorite with beef roast and performs well with fast or slow cooking!

Searing Meat in a Skillet

Meat baked in the oven or made tender in a pressure cooker, should first be seared. Unsalted butter is great for meat searing. Meat tongs are good for holding the cut of meat, while searing the edges. Deeply searing meat results in better texture and flavor. The butter develops a rich nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with meat. It is fine to sear meat in olive oil. Recent reports from doctors have stated that lard increases the good cholesterol. Lard does sear meat beautifully!

Pressure Cooking Meats

Cheap cuts of meat can be tough to get tender. Tenderizing meat manually is time-consuming and hard work! The most impressive device is the electric pressure cooker. They do a great job using the meat settings and results are good from pressure-cooking meat. Pressure cooking frozen meat is best started out on the saute setting. Choices to cook with meat are important. Potatoes, onions, and carrots are best. Pressure cooking meats always delivers extra tender servings. Even the most deeply seared meat will be perfectly tender!

In Conclusion

Properly cooked meat is usually a treat for anyone, who is pursuing weight loss. There are more good seasonings besides, the ones I have mentioned. For instance, paprika can be amazing on beef. Flavor transformation can happen in a pressure-cooking that you need to avoid. You should never pressure-cook broccoli, with your meats. It is best to coat meat with olive oil, before baking. Last, but not least, always cut your meat across the grain, for tenderness.

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