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Healthy Weight Loss Ideas

The number of diet plans in our culture grows every day. The number of people at risk from obesity is also growing. Healthy weight loss ideas are in critical demand. Not every diet plan is helpful to the average person. Some diets are really only beneficial to someone, who is already in good physical condition. There are diets with stringent guidelines that are necessary for the morbidly obese person. Such stringent guidelines are not needed for the person looking to lose ten to twenty pounds. It is important to avoid bad choices. Pursuing weight loss by the wrong methods can be a waste of time, effort and money.

Severe Insulin Resistance

Inability to lose weight is a danger to an increasing number of health challenged people. Obesity taxes the major organs and is often detrimental to heart health. Glucose is simple sugar which provides energy to the body. It is a large element of many carbohydrates. Insulin is a hormone which manages the amount of glucose in a person’s blood. Insulin Resistance occurs, when a person’s body reacts improperly to insulin, resulting in high levels of glucose in the blood. Severe insulin resistance is dangerous and merits immediate attention. Keeping insulin levels low gives a person valuable weight loss advantages. Insulin resistance causes weight gain and leads to diabetes. With healthy eating habits, insulin resistance can be overcome.

Low Fat Diet Plans

There are good components in a low fat diet. However, the formula leads to more than enough carbohydrates and is not a very satisfying eating regimen. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are recommended. Lean meats and dairy are allowed in moderation. Beans, Leafy greens, sweet potatoes and omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, walnuts, and flax seed round out the main list of what is allowable. The focus is generally on a daily intake of no more than three teaspoons of fat, daily. This seems like an eating plan best suited for healthy, highly athletic people. Some plans sound good but merit careful scrutiny.

Low Carb Low Fat Diet Plan

Restrictions are expected with the concept of weight loss. Cutting down on starches and sweets are key components to trimming fat off the waistline. A low carb low fat diet plan cuts out nearly all sugar. Pasta and bread are not allowed. Processed foods from boxes, cans and most plastic packing are restricted. Severe warnings against high fructose corn syrup are given. Low carb low fat foods include lean meats, fish, fresh and frozen vegetables, cottage cheese and lower carb fruits. I have personally lost weight with this diet. It is not terrible punishment and yet, not easily maintained.

High Protein High Fat Low Carb Diet Plans

The term healthy fats used to be rarely heard. With the onset of plans cutting out processed foods, there can be side effects from diet. Some people experience headaches, fatigue, constipation, leg cramps and more. High protein high fat low carb diets recommend meat, cheese, eggs and above ground growing vegetables. Fish and seafood along with natural fats, including real butter and olive oil are permitted. This sounds like leniency, while red wine tea and coffee are considered good. Foods not allowed include Potatoes, Pasta, Bread and Rice. Easily understood restrictions are on fruit, donuts, chocolate bars, candy and drinks of juice, soda and beer. There are variations of this diet. It is entirely possible to determine the best for yourself!

In Conclusion

There are pros and cons to diet plans. The practice of counting calories works for some people. I would never recommend calorie counting. Keeping accurate count is very easily strayed from. Good ideas can be taken from most diet plans. There is no diet plan that is perfect for everyone. Taking every word as the absolute perfect truth and best advice, from me or anyone else, is not the best. Decide for yourself, what is best for your weight loss goals. Consider all available information, weigh your best options and start eating in the way best for you!

8 thoughts on “Healthy Weight Loss Ideas

  1. Thank you for sharing with us this helpful information. There is no diet plan which is perfect for everyone. I always had troubles with my weight, and I tried a lot of diets. Your article had value in every sentence for me, and I am grateful. Thank you.

    1. Tina, your comment is very kind. Hopefully, you read something here that will be a real benefit. I am intending to lose at least 120 more pounds and it is great to think of being a help to others!
      : Thank you

  2. Hi! Thank you very much for approaching diets for weight loss this way. I’m tired of reading post recommending specific diet plans as the ultimate solution. But I agree with you, one plan can’t suit everybody. So we must start to know our own body and evaluate how it reacts to different programs and personalize our diet. Weighing all of them in the balance and coming up with a combination that renders the best results for us.

    1. Henry, it’s good to hear the common sense view that You have. Losing weight doesn’t need to be a punishment. With good choices and a balanced approach, most people can lose the belly fat.

  3. I appreciate you for sharing this informative and enlightening post with us all. Firstly, I agree with you that everyone has what works pretty best for them and the decision should solely be made by them after several observations. But, getting over food addictions of carbs that constitute majority of all junks we consume requires strict determination and dedication. But I think if one could succeed in going by the guidelines on this post. There should be drastic improvements in the weight loss

    1. RoDarrick, you are so right about carb addiction. it’s perplexing how many people struggle, while obesity is robbing them of good health and mobility. If carbs are avoided for approximately 10 days, I would rightly predict weight loss success for most people. Thank you for the terrific insight you shared!

  4. Hi, Troy!

    As you mentioned in your article, not every diet plan is suitable for everyone. As every person is an individual so is the diet plan as well. Choosing the proper one is best for achieving measurable and visible results, and at the same time healthy status. To lose weight combining the right diet and proper exercise regime are in my opinion the best ways to go. Not to forget the water intake as a really very important factor in the whole story. proper sleep rhythm is important as well. So, in a nutshell, there are more ways and strategies available when speaking about losing weight. Medical consultation plays another important role. So, losing weight is a comprehensive issue. In my opinion, everyone should find out the best way individually.

    Best regards,

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