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Unexpected obesity put Me in chains.

My life was fully active with outdoor hobbies. Riding dirt bikes has been a lifelong passion. I also enjoyed playing ball and fishing until I became too heavy to function. Back pain and fatigue reduced the enjoyment of activities and brought Me to a

Since that happened, I have begun to get my health back! I have stepped away from carbohydrates and have even been able to breathe better. I sleep better at night. After only two months, I have much reduced pain.


I find it to be rewarding to be able to help others regain ability to pursue their interests.

Many people find weight gain to be a hindrance to participation in recreational activities. Back and joint pain can greatly diminish the joy of playing volleyball or basketball. Creative interests such as gardening, photography and other activities, that require prolonged standing, can become a struggle. People will find new joy with the loss of pain and obesity. People can become active and focused on positive goals! Hopefully, I can be a help to others in such achievements.

Logical Weight Loss is focused on the goal of helping people with common sense solutions to being overweight.

We aim to share reasonable views on healthy and sustainable weight loss. We do not claim any quick fix solutions. The rate and sustainability of weight loss is not equal for all people. Nevertheless, most people can lose unwanted pounds with minimal suffering.

Focusing on a reward system is not always best. Feeling pressured to gain rewards can be stressful. Stress does not promote healthy weight loss. Healthy eating does not need to be a punishment. There are many enjoyable foods that pose no risks. This understanding of how to prepare and enjoy nutritious foods is what We try to share.

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